Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Personal Goal

For the first time in my life, I just met a personal goal.  I can't recall ever setting a goal (other than maybe making a certain grade on a test in school).  It was both strange and very self gratifying.  There are many many details to the last 6 weeks of training for my first half marathon, and I hope to share them here so because I am not sure if this was a first and only or not! 
post race with my "Buffalo" finisher medal. 

Mile 10...just before my body started breaking down! That was my last smile for 3 miles, I think...
my time was really 2:14:10 (it was chip timed, so I started 41 seconds after the official clock)

pre-race, Kasey and Rob were enjoying their coffee!

After the Go Lucy Go race, I decided to sign up for the Le Bonheur Pumpkin run and the St. Jude races. Having been a runner for about 11 years, but only ran in about 4 5K's in my life, it seemed fitting to run a little extra in honor of Lucy.  I have told a couple of my friends who have done half marathons, "that's not for me!"  Needless to say, Lucy's battle with cancer was enough to motivate me to sign up for the St. Jude 1/2 marathon....however, when I went to do so, it was full! By that time I had motivated myself enough that I was determined to do to Nashville or come hell or high water, I was going to get one done this fall.  6 weeks ago, I heard about this new "Shelby Farms Greenline 1/2" is to support the new "green line" that runs from Shelby Farms to East memphis (to promote fitness and joining of neighborhoods in the Memphis area). So, I signed up and semi-trained for the last 6 weeks (it really takes about 10-12 to train, but I cut it short and did it in 6 (mostly doing races on the weekend and a longer run in the middle of the week).  The longest I had run was 10 miles 2 weeks ago.  My dear friend, Kasey, a semi-professional 1/2 marathon runner (who just had her best time at the Chicago 1/2 of 2:01!!) went with Rob and I in support. It was so great to have the 2 of them there (they drove to 4 different mile markers to cheer me on!  I felt great running today...pacing myself way better than expected, not having much ankle or knee pain, the cool weather wan't bothering me, I was praying every mile marker...everything was great....UNTIL mile #11...then things went downhill. My bloodsugar dropped and my body was so depleted (and being novice to distance running, I wasn't prepared with Goo packs or gatorade strapped to me) I started teetering out.  At mile marker 12, I saw a half rotten banana on the water stop table, grabbed it and shoveled half of it in like it was a ribeye steak).  It wasn't enough, I was dizzy, light headed and decided, either I am going to pass out and be "the girl who passed out" or I am going to slow down and even walk a I paced myself at 9:40, until the last 2 miles, which were 11:00 and 13:00, so I averaged a 10:15 and finished in 2:14:10 (my goal was 2:20:00).  I was a little disappointed that I could have done better if I had "re-fueled" at some point, but sooo happy to finish!  When I crossed the finish line I ran straight to where I had seen bagels pre-race, grabbed a several hour old crusty bagel and shoveled it in!! I am not even looking for Rob and Kasey, I am just asking where the "Lenny's" buffet is!!! They find me and we head over there.  There are no plates, just napkins, so I grab 2 bananas, 2 orange 1/2's, 2 lenny's subs, a sweet tea, and a coke!! I have never needed food so bad in my life, it was quite undescribable.  I have eaten non-stop all day!! This has certainly been an experience, and I have really enjoyed it...not saying I will do another one, but if I do, I will have a cooler of food to pull behind me!  Rob even got motivated watching me today and ran 2 miles today...get this, he ran 2 miles in 15:15 (that's a 7:37 pace), and he hasn't ran in 20 years...unbelievable, some folks are just made to run.  (I highly recommend the sport, no matter how fast or slow, it's a great individual activity or great to do with friends).  

Races completed in training: (note...these times are worse than many and better than many...but they are "my times"!!
Munford Celebrate - time: 27:15 (3rd place women 30-34) (8:30 pace)
Chick-Fil-A 5K - time 26:45 (8:22 pace) (17th out of 137 women, 30-34)
Cooper Young 4 Miler - time 34:15 (8:30 pace), (35th out of 246 women, age group)
Rotary Run 5K time- 25:40 ( 8:00 pace) (2nd place, female 30-34, 3rd place women overall) 
Shelby Farms Greenline 1/2 marathon time- 2:14:10 (10:20 pace), 157th out of 340 women)

Here is a Chick-Fil-A picture with some great friends!

AND, I have the pumpkin run next week, which I am about to register Rob for, and we have so many friends running for Lucy (I made $200 on my bread by the way) and it looks like Team Lucy is in 2nd place in fundraising. So, sign up if you haven't already, you can walk.

 And thanks to Lucy and Kate (her mom) for being my ultimate inspiration today!! She is finished with treatments and I am finished with training.... God is good:)

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Kate said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!! I am so proud of you Laura. I started the couch to 5k last week and am on week 2. I have never been a runner and always just assumed I couldn't do it. Surprisingly, its coming pretty easy and I love it! You are an inspiration for sure sweet friend!