Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bo- Team Helena and All Stars 2011

Another baseball season down...I have a feeling this will be the second of many to come, if he continues at this pace! He spends countless, literally countless hours in our backyard in what I call the "field of dreams".  He plays with himself most of the time, but I also play games with him several times a week. 
We play these pretend games and he names each "batter"..., usually Braves players "Chipper Jones, Dan Uggla, Micheal Bourne...ect"  He has callouses on both knees from sliding on the hardwood in the house.  He throws a ball in the air or at the walls (squishy balls) probably 200x a day.  I tell this only to one day remind myself of this little guy
He surprised us and made all stars this year!  He loved the "seriousness" of this team...practices every day for a week (they lost the first two games and he was heartsick:(  

He was thrilled to play "catcher" and have to wear that hot equipment in the 100 degree weather.  He tells us that's all he wants for Christmas.."catcher equipment"

Team Helena...a few buds

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Leslie said...

Bo and I were talking about baseball today in class. It's so great that he has a love for something that he can have through adulthood. And, it's very cool that you all make such special memories of it with him!