Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Dawson

10.14.11...That's the wedding anniversary of "Uncle Hunter and Aunt Samantha".  Wow, I can't believe they are married....I love these two soo000 much....we enjoy being with them and so do our kids.  I am exceedingly glad to call Samantha "my sister" and have loved sweet Hunter since he was a 5 year old sneaking up to Rob's room to "spy on us":) (He always said "momma sent me to check on ya'll!)  They remind Rob and I of ourselves so much, high school sweethearts who wanted nothing more than to ultimately spend their life together.  

They look like angels to me:)

I want to save this picture for 20 years down the road when we may be looking a bit older!!

We had a bridesmaids luncheon/dressing party at our house the day of the much fun to snack and get ready all together (and learn a few secrets about the groom)!

Rehearsal dinner at Marlo's was a great time

Hunter's BFF, Tyler

Samantha's college roomies

Lane's dinner partner, the organist!

Samantha and her brother

The soloist and my dear friend

Maid of Honor and Flower girl

The "brother's toast"...hilarious..."Top ten reason why Samantha should back out" followed by a sweet, "you guys are great together speech"

The Dawson Boys

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