Monday, August 15, 2011

Kate- 15 months

I don't know if you are just full of yourself because you are the third child, you were born that way, or what...but you are busy, bossy, and absolutely adorable.  I know I am partial, but I think you are beautiful, too:)

words:  momma, daddy, Lane, Bo, gigi, pops, Ellie Boo, Huna, manta, dave, Cha (chad), SaSa (ms. Sara) , JanJan, cookie, cracker, bite, want dat, tank tu ("thank you", you even say this when you want something as a way of asking- as in I see you have some candy.."tank tu, tank tu", I want it!), )gape (grape), tawbe (strawberry), outside, dog, puppy, cat, meow, bampie (blankie), night, night, teeth, hairbow (you say this for hair, hair brush, and hairbow!), dink (drink), book, Abby/Addie (used interchangably), baby, gol car (golf cart), ye ma'am, chocate (chocolate), monkey
These are the words you say often and know the meanings of...however, you repeat nearly anything we tell you

You love, love, love to "bark" like a dog (unfortunately you "chop bark" like your daddy's squirrel dogs). We could record you and play you on a squirrel dog training video.

You can scribble well, turn pages of a book, put a few pieces in a formboard puzzle (that's for the OT in me:)
Love to be outside...all the time!! mostly to climb steps, that's your favorite part.  You also love ball- you can hit a ball off a tee (sort of).

Favorite foods:  grapes, well ANY fruit, veggies - (green beans, peas) turkey, cheese, veggie straws, (and of course Boo's ice cream and chocolate)

You are a "pilferer" as your daddy and I like to say.  Cleaning out drawers and cabinets is your specialty.

you pretty much boycot toys...very little interest in anything that looks like you SHOULD play with it. You are much more drawn to things that a 1 year old should NOT have (the things in cabinets/drawers)

You love Ms. Sara (your babysitter)....and you have even gotten the chance to know our special "Jan Jan" this summer when she has helped us out!

You love to ride the golf cart!

You love this little ceramic monkey that Bo made at Paint a Piece.  You kiss him every morning and night and you want to carry him everywhere.

You are still sort of "bow legged", but it's getting better (Ellie and Gigi have been really concerned:)

You have the prettiest head of blonde hair, that curls up in the back when you are hot (we are not known for having any sort of "body in our hair" in this family (although, after 3 kids, mine is trying to get curly or really, just nappy).

You tell us "Mo, Mo, Mo" for "No" or "uh uh" and shake your head no!

We take the good with the bad....and gosh darn it, we love you.....I can't imagine any of our lives without you. you are a LOT of work, but you are so worth it!

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gigi said...

Gigi thinks you are absolutely adorable!