Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bo- First Day of Kindergarten

This little guy had a great first day of kindergarten. When I picked him up, I didn't get the usual respsonse the "how was your day?"...of "fine"..I got detatils!  When we did our "favorite thing of the day" at dinner he said "going to school and seeing Ms. Natalie" (he is having a hard time remembering his teachers name)...Lane had Ms. Lesile also and there was an assistant in her room that year named Ms. Natalie, so Bo is remembering that:)  When I went through his back pack, I said, "Bo Ms. Leslie sent you a (Hershey's) "Kiss" for having a great day...he said "I guess that's because she couldn't give me a real one." He gave me details of the school tour, every classroom activity, every student (only 5 today).  I am so excited for him. He is sooo ready!
Ms. Lesile's note home today said "I love Bo's personality:)"

This was our "afterschool" picture. Dad wasn't available before school....tending to the other 1,000 kids:)

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Leslie said...

I am so glad Bo enjoyed his day and that he is a part of my class! He is a sweet, sweet kid! By the way, thanks for the delicious cookies!