Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bo is 6!

After much waiting, Bo is 6!  We celebrated with a party at the Country Club pool with lots of friends.  Of course, baseball was the theme.  He chose a combination Red Sox/Braves party (his two favorite teams).  His brithday present from us was a re-decorated bedroom (since this was Lane's gift in the spring, he wanted the same thing).  We also took our Atlanta trip to the Braves game in honor of his birthday.  


Something about a love between a mother and her son.  You are special to me in an indescribable kind of way.  The way you hug me and kiss me is so sweet.  For your 2nd birthday, you were into Cars, the third was Ninja Turtles, the 4th was still, Ninja Turtles, your 5th was Ben 10....and now it's baseball.  You are growing up and liking "older kid" stuff.  You still play with toys some, but mostly you are in the backyard playing baseball (or inside with a spongy ball) or watching baseball on tv or at a baseball game.  Your favorite movie is Sandlot.  You still LOVE McDonalds Happy meals....(for the toys). Your favorite foods are pizza and cheeseburgers (I fight you more than anyone in the house to get your fruits and veggies in you).  You are reading sight words at school and trying super hard:)  You get up with with chickens and are bright eyed and bushy tailed most mornings.  You love to play with can strike up a conversation and fit in wherever you go (you love to roam around at Lane's softball games). you are so sweet to Kate, you love to go in her room and love on her when you hear her awake in the mornings. You are very protective of her.  You have this little shy/attitude about you at times that drives me crazy, because you are not a shy child.  You haven't learned the art of tact yet (you know like when you open a present that you already have, you don't know how to pretend or you aren't afraid to ask yourself over to a friends house!)   Thanks for being you.....I'll take your little quirks with the rest of your sweet little self any day!

Here are pics of Bo's new "Baseball" room....

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Allison said...

what a fun boy room!