Wednesday, August 31, 2011

23......okay, okay,...32

I celebrated 32 years yesterday.  30 was tough for me...since then, it doesn't bother me so much. I guess when you are out of your 20's, you just start coming to grips that you are never going to live the 18-25 life anymore.  So, if you are still in that bracket,..enjoy.  At 23, I was newly married, just out of college, we had 2 paychecks for 2 people, came home after work had to find something to entertain ourselves, laid on the couch a lot and watched tv, was a new member at our church, enjoyed lots of dinners out alone or with other couples, kept a manicured yard and house, found more time with girlfriends, on and on and on.  At times, it seems that was the life.....then, I am reminded that THIS is the life!  Surrounded by my 3 kids who keep me busier than any I ever thought about at 23, squeezing in alone time with Rob as much as possible (and a girls night here a there), living more pay check to pay check as I pay childcare, school stuff, more gas, higher bills, trying to water the flowers just when they look like they may die if I don't, super engaged in our church activites....all while TRYING to keep the same perspecitve on living a God first life, each day to the fullest.  I look foward to each stage of my kids' lives.  They are growing so fast.  I mean, I have a second grader.    Rob and I have always said we look forward to having "grown children"  (not that I want to rush this stage, but it sounds so fun to have my kids come home from college and go to dinner or meeting me to shop somewhere.  I love having time with my kids and time with my husband (both together and separate)....those are the things that keep me going. Family. Friends. Doing something active. And most importantly, making time for my God.  Without that, nothing means anything.  

So, I do enjoy my birthday  (Rob and my mom keep telling me I can't celebrate all week).  Daddy and momma cooked ribs and strawberry cake on Sunday with some family.  Rob and the kids (minus bad Kate, thanks to Uncle Hunter and Samantha) took me to Benihana (one of my faves) last night.  I got some new running shoes (for the 5 races I am signed up for over the next 2 months).....I know, I am sooo not competative, but, it's a small goal I have set for myself, more to come on that in the coming months.

Here are some pics, and there are a lot of me, but you know, when we look back at our scrapbook, in 20 years, you know, this day was about me!  Plus, I just had to share those expressions from my cake pictures!!

Duck lips

The kids blew out my candles before I had a chance!!

my gifts from momma...she went all at Le Chic...found some great bargains. 


Christi said...

I'm so sorry I havent called you, yet. HAPPY BIRTHDAy!

Leslie said...

Glad you had a good birthday! You have such a beautiful family, and you are such a good mama!

Allison said...

Glad it was great! Love Lane and Kate's matching dress too! happy birthday again friend!