Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kate- 6 months

She is still a smiley, sweet little baby girl!  But, she has only slept all night probably 10 times in her sweet little life!  Oh well, one day.  She is sitting up good, rolling to get where she needs to go, not crawling at all.  There are too many folks that will hand her what she wants to be very motivated to pull herself over there.  She has this sweet little fuzzy hair and a double crown.  Her hair is so different from Lane and Bo's.  She eats her baby food, but she doesn't just LOVE it like I remember the other two.  She likes to watch teh tubling tigger tumble across the floor.  She has gone to 2 Tiger football games and one Tiger basketball game and never cried a single minute in any of them (we were at one game for like 6 hours!!).  She loves to watch Lane and Bo run around and she follows them with her eyes wherever they go. 
nothings better than lying on that crunchy, noisy white doctor table paper...she loves that stuff!! It's great for getting baby drool all over

Her growth sticker reads - 10/25/10- height 25 3/4 and weight 15-10.

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3 "A's" and a "B" said...

I have never noticed she has a double crown!!! I do too...Pics are precious. I need copies from the sleepovers!!!!!!!!!