Wednesday, November 24, 2010

gotta love free shutterly at Christmas!

I usually use for my invitation/picture needs...they have done my Christmas cards the last 2 or 3 years and I have always been very satistfied with the price and the quality.  I haven't printed our cards for this year yet, but Amy B came over and snapped a few pictures of us today (thanks so much:) and I can't wait to upload them to Shutterfly and see what I come up with.  They have some cute ones where you can tell stories or write letters that are different this year..maybe I will do that...I love a top ten list!   Christmas cards are so fun to get.  We keep them from every year and I love to look back at some of the old ones how kids we know are growing up.  It will really be fun when we are old and gray (and I think I am getting there sooner than I thought possible)....Anyway, Shutterfly is doing a free 50 card blogger promotion if you promote them on your blog...and I decided to participate to save a little cash and share some of my favorite picks from their here they are!  Click the links....
· holiday cards

 Christmas photo cards
· calendars 
· personalized mugs
· birthday cards
· Christmas invitations
· Cards & Stationery

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Amy said...

Cool!!! I have already made our card on shutterfly, but am waiting for one more picture to put on it. We too have to get our family pic made! I will do this.