Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bo- 5.5 years

Here is one handsome little guy.  He is soooo full of life.  (Just ask his preschool teacher:)  Here are some stories from lately

Lane was telling Rob and I what she thought she might like for Christmas (and her list is always much shorter than his- she usually says like one or two things, while he can't stop telling you things- every commercial he sees, he says, " mom can you get that for me for my birthday or Christmas"- mind you it may be February, June, or December....he's always making a list)....Anyway, He says to Lane, "Lane (in 2 syllables), Christmas is not all about toys!"  Rob and I looked at each other and smiled, and I said "What's Christmas about Bo?" He says, "It's about Santa!" Then when we laughed he said, "I mean Jesus.....well Jesus and Santa."

Lane has been asking Rob to go hunting with him (although she gets teary eyed when she sees the dead squirrels).  Everytime she asks him, Bo says "you don't have any camoflauge clothes, Lane, you can't go!"

He is so much like me; he doesn't like to be alone.  He will tell you that "Momma, I don't want to be by myself"  He crawls in the bed with Lane some nights and begs her to sleep with him, but she never will (such her daddies child....perfectly content in her own world).  The only way I have found that he is like Rob in that he gets upset if we leave a Tiger basketball or football game early....he wants to stay to the end! 

He loved show and tell Fridays at school and starts trying to decide on Monday what he will take!

He loves to hear us read "Ramona Quimby" books to him (and Lane).

Here is his first squirrel of the year (no he didn't shoot it, but "his dog, Tarzan" treed it!

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