Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"A Kid Trip"

The parents in the photos below need a vacation to follow up the "kid trip" we just took! 3 days at a "The Wilderness" waterpark, 2 days exploring the strip at Gatlinburg....whew....it's over! Rob kept reminding me that the kids were having a great time!!

Lane was an awesome "surfer"!!

Bo "surfin"

Lane called this "getting a massage"!

Dad spent a lot of QT with "BK" as he calls her "baby kate"....

Hudson came to swim with us at the hotel...he was lots of fun! The only kid I know who can go down a waterslide and manage not to go under the water when he comes out!

Playing with "KK"

Ripley's Aquarium

Making tube of what mt momma always called "Pure sugar"!!

Ice skating with daddy...

Some memories from the trip....
Somewhere between Jackson and Nashville on the way up, Bo said, "It takes to long to get here!" then on the way back, as we were getting close to Covington, he said "Dad, are we getting back to our world now, or are we still in that other world??" (city!) He loved the bucket that poured thousands of gallons of water on him every few minutes and loved "fighting" the water.
Lane learned how much she likes to listen to music on my Iphone- she kept it much of the time with headphones in her ears...looked like a little 13 year old! She got her hair "braided" with beads by the braid lady at the waterpark. She loved the surfing.
Kate hung with us well, but had had enough by day 4!
I loved riding the waves with the kids in the wavepool and everyone getting baths and going to bed at night!
Rob loved the aquarium and the trolley system up there!! (that's not exactly true..the long story that goes witht he trolley is the fact that we decided to ride the trolley from our hotel (the Doubletree Park Vista...which I highly recommend by the way!) to downtown to get to the Aquarium because parking was difficult....so we did and on the way back, it poured down rain on us while walking to the trolley stop (from what had been an crazy day at Ober Gatlinburg...I hop they think about renovating soon, I don't think they've changed a thing since the 60's or so when that thing was built!!!). Kate in her stroller was the only one who stayed dry...then we had to wait 45 minutes on the next trolley! Memories...I guess!!

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nicole said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Maybe I can get our crew to make the trip for Fall break! I think my boys would love that surfing activity.