Friday, June 11, 2010

Please start praying for this little one...

Her name is Colette ("Lettie" for short). She is my friend Summer's youngest and is facing a tough surgery in a couple of weeks. I have linked Summer's new blog to mine to follow the process. You can read details there. I can only imagine in my mind how scared Mark and Summer are as they face this, but the last year has been a hard road and their prayers and course of doctors visits, hospitalizations, failed medicine, and tests have lead them to this. She is a strong little girl, so pray that she and her family will stay strong and that God will protect them and hold them in his arms in the coming month. I will update after the surgery. BTW...we were supposed to be at the beach with them in the middle of July, but this surgery has gotten backed up so much that it fell right during that time...hopefully she will be doing great next summer and we can try again!

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