Saturday, June 26, 2010


What a sweet baby we have! No, she's not perfect, she cries some, but overall, she is a good baby. She has the sweetest smile and cutest cheeks. She likes to be talked to. She is not sleeping through the night yet, but usually just gets up once. I never knew that this baby would fit so perfectly in our family... God really does know what he is doing....

Brushing her hair and giving her sugars

She also met a few important people this friend, Kasey and her two uncles (JJ and Hunter)


Brandi Mignard said...

Having a new baby sure does agree with you Laura. I was just telling Sarah how good you look. What's the secret? Most mom's don't look this rested and put back together until a few months down the road when they are sleeping all night. :)

The Howard 5 said...

I agree with Brandi, Laura is a natural and looks great and not even like a tired mother of 3!