Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

2 Ladybugs and 1 Chipper Jones

He told me baseball players look like this in their pictures (he was trying to do a serious face, but couldn't keep a straight face!)

Her "ha pop" as she likes to call them

Trick or Treating Gigi and Pops

A stop to see Nanny...always a pleasure

Bo wanted to give her the snow globe that Gigi gave him:)

Lane's favorite Halloween pastime....passing out candy on Ellie's front porch

We met up with the Hensley's and Bondurants, so Lane had a girl to run with... (I couldn't get any boy pics ...they weren't still long enough!

Great vegetable soup and baked apples at Ellie and Boo's

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BrittBrat1123 said...

Love all the halloween costumes! so cute!!