Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hawai'i, Day 1- Honolulu

I finally have a minute to start my Hawai'i posts.  I think I will do it in Days since I have many pictures to upload and memories to blog.  Our 8 day adventure started out with a 15 hour flight adventure (we were on the runway in Dallas for 3 hours before taking off due to a mechanical issue...which made for  a 12 hour flight (supposed to be 9).  That was a tough, tough flight.  We go through LA on the way home, so I have great expectations for better flying.  Day 1, we spent in Honolulu, our friends the Sage's invited us to stay a night with them there before heading to Maui.  We did some just do sight seeing and spent a few hours on the beach. 

Hard Rock, Honolulu....had some killer Nachos

We hiked to the top of "Diamond Head" an inactive volcano/crater.  It was about a 90 minute hike up and back down.  Great view of the big city of Honolulu.  It was like looking out over New York or Chicago. I didn't realize how "big city" Honolulu was.  

Pearl Harbor "USS Arizona Memorial".  Wow, what a sobering experience.  Standing over the  sunken ship.  I never knew details of the Pearl Harbor bombing until this tour, and I am so glad we made the time to do it.  What an important part of our freedom and history.  

Standing in front of the wall with the thousands of names of soldiers who lost their lives.   Overwhelming, to say the least.  

Part of the ship that still remains above water

sunset at Waikiki Beach

To remember our accomodations...

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