Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maui, HI - Day 2

This is my favorite picture from the trip....I think I wore a flower in my hair nearly the whole just "felt right" just can't walk around in Covington (or the Mainland, for that matter) with a flower in your hair.  And when I saw this blue one, Rob said "You need that!"  (Hence I wore it to the games too!)

We went to the University of Memphis Luau at the Hyatt.  It was great (and the best part was it was free!).  We got some cool Tiger "beads" and, free food and drinks and had a great time at our table.  Above are the flags (in the Hyatt) of the Maui Classic teams.  

"Pitt", Mardi, Dave

What a treat...Audra and her family were there, and we ran into each other many times!

The Murphy clan...Matt, Kate, Uncle Dave, and use

Dana and Kelley (lucky enough to be part of the charter)

Pastner greeted our table (I was low key and didn't ask for a photo:(

We heard the food wasn't great at the luaus...but I was pleasantly surprised!!

So here starts the zipline trip and the rest of the day (the luau pictures should have been last, but I uploaded them wrong)
Ziplining the West Maui Mountains!!

That's my "I'm scared of heights" husband!!

A friend, Mardi

One our our awesome guides, Luke and Sam

Pictures don't do justice to the magnitude of this mountain/valley...gorgeous

The little city below if the area called, Ka'anapli, where we stayed, the island across is  La'nai

Lunch on the deck overlooking the mountains

part of the walk to the next line (there were 8 ziplines total, the longest of which was 1200 feet long.  We were 1800 feet up the mountain). 
David's work friends, we had a blast with them...Kelly, "Pitt", and Mardi 

Uncle Dave showing off his "upgrade"....if you are close to 200lb, you get a free "upgrade" on your was the joke of the day! 

If you notice, Rob tends to wink one eye when we take pics of our selves....I don't know whats yup with that!!

We happened upon Pastner doing his interview for the tournament...a nice surprise!

The beach at our resort "Ka'anapli Beach Club"

This was a great first day in Maui.  What a beautiful island, but this landscape was only the tip of the iceberg...on Day 3, we did "The Road to Hana"...more to come on that, for sure!!  by the way, yes, we talk about our kids every day, usually every couple of hours!!!  Also, btw...thanks Amy for the dresses, I have enjoyed them...and Geo for the swim fits you better, but nobody know me here!

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nicole said...

We stayed at the same place for our honeymoon! Looks like you guys are having a great time! Zip lining is on my "bucket list". Don't forget to try to catch a sunrise atop Haleakala! It's amazing! Enjoy the rest of your trip and praying for safe travels home for all of you.