Monday, April 11, 2011

Lane is 7!

I love Bearenstain Bear books...collected them as a child and still collecting! They always have such a great lesson, so I love reading them with the kids.  Well, remember the one titled "Too Much Birthday"...that might describe Lane's 7th this year!!  not that she acted like sister bear, but I think we definitely had a little too much birthday...we started by last fall she said she wanted to redecorate her room (which was princesses) and so I suggested we do it for her birthday and she agreed.  Then, my brother moved to Atlanta in January and when he did so, I promised to take her to the American Girl store there for her birthday (we have done Chicago a couple of times, but we thought a new venue would be lots of fun and a great excuse to see family).  Well, to show off her new room she wanted to have her best buds spend the we did! And then to top it off we had a small party with some girlfriends to watch a move and eat popcorn (I told her it couldn't cost money...and it really didn't). You know me, I love a social event, so I guess I just lived vicariously with her through her birthday.  I enjoyed each celebration and really the only hard part was redecorating the room!! She lost her first 2 teeth right before her birthday too.  I love you LaBug!!!


Christi said...

Happy birthday, lane!

dp3 said...

Man, cannot believe she's 7! Happy to see she had a WONDERFUL birthday!

dp3 said...

Okay - forgot to log Donald out...the dp3 comment is from Kendra! LOL!