Thursday, April 21, 2011

The last first...(Kate is 1!)

Well, unless God has other plans for us, tonight we celebrated our last first birthday party! Kate turned 1 today and because we were off for spring break we were able to celebrate on her actual birthday.  Because she is the third and I have done 2 other first birthdays...I wanted to keep it small!  I have figured out that it is hard to not be stressed out when you are trying to prepare for 50 people.  I think we was low key and simple with some fabulous Dr. Seuss decorations.  It was the cutest, easiest "theme" I have ever done in the 13 birthdays I have had for my kids!  We had pizza, cake, fruit, some awesome "Ms. Baughes" cake.  Kate was her usual self..mostly happy, but greatly opinionated!  She threw a fit when I took "her cake" away from her.  Here are some pics and a letter for her at the bottom. 

Thank you Ms. Nicole for your awesome reading voice and great character!  

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when Kate's friend, Sebastian (who shares a birthday with her) came to visit and brought her a very special gift (an autographed Dick Vitale reads.."to Kate, Awesome baby!"

The best surprise of the night for me..Kas came!! She surprised me! 

Dear KK (Kate Ellen),

You are such a blessing to this family.  You are soon about to be spoiled absolutely rotten!  Everyone (except your daddy and myself:) caters to your every desire!  You have learned to communicate by holding your hand out and pointing to what you want or the direction you want to go in.  You love to eat (especially fruit..watermelon, strawberries).  You are off the bottle and drinking milk from a cup.  You climb up the ladder on our little tykes (3 step) slide and slide down by yourself and slide down.  Your most favorite hobby is riding in the little "car" outside.  you take your paci to go to sleep and I am debating about taking it away. You also sleep with "sheep" and "blankie".  You look like Bo and you look like Lane (I really think you look like me:)  You say  "Bo, Lane, Momma, Dada, Boo, (you try "Ellie"), bite, something that sounds like "whodat? or "wantdat" You weigh 18 pounds.  You can "love the baby" and "kiss the baby".  You try to put your socks on your feet and your bow in your hair.  Smart, sweet, sassy.....just a pure blessing to us.  We love you and look forward to seeing this little personality develop over the next year!

Love. Momma


Elizabeth said...

So cute!!!! The party turned out adorable! Cute cake, treats, and decorations! I love the t-shirts too!!! Looks like everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Kate!

Kress Smith said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!!