Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summer pictures

I had some pictures on my camera that somehow I never posted, so for scrapbooking I need to get them in in random order, here are some old summer pictures...
Nanny and her babies! (4th of July party at Bre's)

Uncle Rookie has a good resting place for KK!

This was  a summer sciene project thanks to Ellie and Flo (Aunt Florence)...she had tadpoles in her landscape pond and gave us some to grow into frogs...the did well at first but only 2 turned into frogs, I think the small dwelling place in our bucket was hard on them.  But it was really fun to watch them grow back legs, then front legs, then be a frog!

A Saturday afternoon car wash

I know this bow looks ridiculous on her...I just keep trying to put them on her, but she is just not a bow baby...yet! But I will keep trying

These pictures are from uncle Chad's birthday party...Rob is giving him his birthday licks here!

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