Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I believe I can fly..

That's what the graduates sang at Lane's kindergarten graduation today...so sweet....so many memories from this year. I asked Lane to make a list of her favorite kindergarten memories and here they are....

Kindergarten graduate and award winner for "Most Outstanding Effort"

Her daddy calling out the graduates and awards...she is on the back row with red bow!

Ms. Lesile

I am sure she has made many memories hanging out in Ms. Georgia's room before and after school with Addie and the big first graders! We have already broken the bad news to her that Ms. Georgia will NOT be her teacher next year...(I dont think she could discipline Lane if she tried!!)


These were friends before kindergarten!!

Lizzy and Lane's journal entry in Lizzy's class journal

Wow, my baby girl is graduating from kindergarten! She has grown up soooo much this year. It is something special about seeing her learn and LOVE learning....she loves school and I pray that doesn't change for her. She told us a couple of months ago that her favorite part of school is "reading group"....yep, not into sports, dancing, playing outside....but loves reading group! Probably not the typical 6 year old...but I love that little nerd! Ms.Lesile has been an absolute blessing for her...she is a teacher who was truly gifted by God to teach. Lane has come out of her shell a lot this year and is much less shy. She loves her classmates and has nothing but great memories of this year.

Ms. Lesile,
Thank you for making Lane's Kindergarten year one full of memories and growth. She loves you dearly and has grown to love each one of her classmates. The way you go above and beyond to work with each child in your classroom is so special. The extra time and effort you put into your career is evident and it pays off. Thank you for making Lane feel special...you are so good at not having any "favorites" but making each child feel special! I love your little tricks to keep them focused, Lane always says those little sayings like "rollercoaster,rollercoaster..." Your level of high professionalism is obvious in the way you communicate to your students and parents. Just remember that your effort is worth it....Lane has been blessed beyond measure by being a part of your classroom this year! Thank you and you will always be special to us!

Pictures from the year...

First day with the teacher she has grown to love and doesn't want to leave!


Her class on blue day

class zoo trip

couldn't find a pic of Lane and lizzy but here is me reading it to Bo.

Breakfast at Christmas party

Field Day


Kate said...

hard to believe our babies are growing up. That was a sweet post that I'm sure Lane will cherish as she gets older!

Georgia said...

You are so right. It would be so hard to tell my sweet Lane to move her FROG. I can't believe how big our girls are...bittersweet.

Leslie said...

Thank you much for all your sweet words! That means a lot to me! Lane is such a bright, sweet, happy, and motivated little girl. I am looking forward to seeing all that she'll accomplish in the future. It's been a blessing to be her teacher! :)