Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sprinkle Baby Shower for Kate

Baby Kate and I were honored with a "sprinkle"baby shower this weekend. (A shower for moms who already have children more to honor and "sprinkle" them with gifts, instead of showering them with car seats, high know the necessities!) It was so enjoyable; not like wedding showers or even first baby showers when you leave sweating from opening gifts and saying thank was just relaxing and fun! We had a great lunch, Ms. Baughes cake, and sweet sensations cookies. The girls below (including Amanda, who had to leave early and missed the picture) were hostesses and are great friends! I am lucky to have them. They gave me this Maclaren umbrella stroller, which is like a dream come true for me....I have had multiple strollers between Lane and Bo (several doubles, big Graco, jogging, cheap umbrella) but have never been satisfied....and to me a stroller is important, something you use a lot! I read review after review and even went and pushed them around and this was my favorite!

Gigi was headed to see Uncle Hunter play ball when she left!

Sweet little girls and Big sister Lane!

Here is a glimpse of the gifts.....Lots of pink made specially for Kate!

The most special gift was from my is the letter that went with it and a picture of the table and inscription on the bottom....she is so sentimental and thoughtful!

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The Howard 5 said...

I'm sorry I missed it and getting to see all you girls! Was quite the busy weekend between charity ball, ball touranment, and kids bday parties!