Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lane is 6!

Lane's 6th birthday started off with cupcakes at lunch with her classmates (and brother)....her favorite cupcakes, the rainbow ones from Naifeh's!

On her birthday morning, she got up extra early and came and got in bed with us. A few minutes later, Bo came down and he said, "Momma, can I get in the middle over there by Lane because she is 6 today." So, he did, then he said, "Lane let me see your hands (he took her hand in his, examined it) and said ...."yep, the grew, they look like six year old hands now!" She opened her presents from us, which included a jewelry box and this locket (she has always wanted a locket that she could actually put things inside). I found this one that opens like an evelope and has little sterling hearts that you can engrave and keep inside.

The outfit that she picked out in a catalog for Ellie to give her ....all dressed up to to go eat Mexican for dinner (with her post braided wavy hair, which she loves!) Bo asked her if she was wearing a d"Twig"? (wig!)

A special Mexican birthday dinner compliments of Boo and Ellie.....

Here are the pictures from her party at Rivercity Gymnastics.....Icarly theme, complete with many friends who helped make her day extra special......

She doesn't look so happy while they are singing to her....after they stopped I heard her whisper...that was the worst part! (a little shy!)

I have been thinking a lot lately about how quickly you are growing up. I don't know if it' s because you are turning 6 years old, or I am thinking about the arrival of baby Kate and it brings back memories of you and Bo as babies. I keep thinking about rocking you in your nursery at our old house on Drummonds Rd. when I would sit and rock and think about you growing up (or not wanting you to grow up!). I know that having a little brother 15 months later likely made you grow up too fast, but I really think you were the kind of child that was born a little beyond her years anyway. You have always been very independent, determined, ready to move forward. I love so many things about you.....maybe that's why I love your daddy so are kind of like a little clone of him. You are a rule do everything by the book, careful to follow all instructions, you like a clean room/house/car, you love to play by yourself, you love art and reading, and most of love to be with me! You make me feel so loved with all the things you make for me and the way you want to be with me all the time (I will have to admit, that comes from me and not your daddy)! You are always thinking of other people and what you can do to make others happy. You are so pretty, your daddy's eyes, little freckles on your nose and long shape and maybe my hair and nose/mouth. Right now, you could not be more excited about your baby sister's anticipated arrival. You count down each day maybe she will know how much you loved her before she was born. The inscription on the locket that we gave you today is most fitting, "You are so special to our family....Love, Mom and Dad"
Happy 6th Birthday! I love you, Momma

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Allison said...

I sure wish Maggie could have been there for the party. She would have LOVED all those gymnastics mats and things. Happy Birthday Lane!