Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde....

Bo got his first sad face at school this year the other day......I don't know how it was his first, but anyway.....he was standing in his seat on the bus (they had a subsitute driver and he thought he would test her). This is his apology note (that his teacher had him write, thankfully!)
But here are some sweet stories on him from the last few weeks.....

I got him out of the bathtub and he looked down and pointed to his forearm and said, "momma, why is it growin'?" And I said "why is what growing?" (I thought he meant a freckle)...then he said "No, right here", still pointing to his arm. So I said, "You mean why is your arm growing?". He said, "No, see, my fur. Why is my fur growing?" (the hair on his arms!)

He was riding in the truck with Rob the other day and they passed a cemetary. Bo said, "Daddy, I want to die" Rob said, "Why Bo?" He said, "So I can go to heaven". Rob said, "Well, Bo, we want you to stay here with us for now, but you will go to heaven one day." Bo said, "Okay................Daddy, can we go huntin' in heaven?" Rob said he said ,"We will see when we get there!"

When he wants to get up from the table at a meal he says, "Can I be may excused please?"

He came down and got in the bed with us in the middle of the night and he said, "Momma, my foot is crooked." I said,"What do you mean?" He said, "It's crooked." I reached down and felt of it and said, "It's okay, just go back to sleep" He woke up the next morning and the first thing he said was,"Momma, my foot is not crooked anymore." (I wonder if it was a dream or his foot was numb or what!)

Another funny thing is the way he thinks about the baby, he thinks she lives in there like a little house or something. He thinks she wears clothes and uses a spoon to eat. He thinks she has toys in there to play with or something......he has no idea she lives in water! I get these red spots on me when I am pregnant (what joy!) and he asked me "whats that?" (pointing to a red spot on my arm) the other day....I said "well, it's kind of from baby Kate, just something that can happen when you have a baby in your belly." He said, "She bit you on your arm?"


Amy said...

Great post! Lots of laughs!!! :)

Christi said...

Too funny! We definitely need to be storing these funny comments to tell to future girlfriends :)

Allison said...

He really cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh!

Kirk and Emily said...

Too funny!
Lets just be glad him and Ema are not the same age. I think they may be partners in crime together. I have a book that I write cute things Ema says or does. I occasionally look at things she has done and it still makes me laugh!