Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two days in the Snow....

Here are our snow pictures from the rain/snow/sleet of 2010! It looks like we probably bot 8" or so.....we started day 1 making a big breakfast including monkey bread and cutting up the buiscuts for our chicken and dumplins for dinner....
Then we went out in the cold for some attempts at throwing snowballs, which was very frustrating with this on to sledding which was much better. We played with our neighbors and even had some 4 wheeler action.

After a face first fall!

Glen and Rob just had to try out the new sleds....see below for the results of their playing!

The result of the daddies on the sled....can you believe Rob is the one that broke it....and not Glen!!

The traditional snow cream and hot chocolate when we came in.
We actually had enough of each other and got out tonight and went to eat and to was tough getting out of the driveway...but a Toyota Sienna makes a pretty good snowmobile! The roads were TERRIBLE...I am sure they will be out of school again on Monday, but I will be back at work.....Have a good rest of your weekend.


Christi said...

We haven't made snow cream, yet. There's still tomorrow!

Georgia said...

YOu can see that you guys had a great time. When someone was not sick:)