Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas pictures 2009

There doesn't get much better than Christmas with a 4 and 5 year old....their innocent thoughts on Jesus's birth, waking up extra early (sometimes before 6 for Bo) to run downstairs and see what tiny toy is in the advent calendar each day, the daily threats of "Santa is watching", making cookies, teaching them about doing something good for others during this season, visiting Santa, school Christmas parties and programs.......and so on. We certainly had a busy season, but somehow it didn't seem too busy to enjoy each other and try to keep the focus on the special season as Christians. It also made it a little special that we got to open some presents for baby Kate too! One of my favorite stories is a Bo one.....Rob had done a lot of threatening of "If the elf tells Santa you were bad, he will just take one of those Ben Ten toys out of your stack and give it to another little boy." Christmas morning, after he had had a chance to play a while, he said, "Well Santa brought me some good toys but not too many. You know I didn't get that little Ben Ten guy, then one in the white suit" I said, "Well, Bo, I never heard you tell Santa you wanted that and you didn't put it in the letter." He said, "I think I know what happened. One of those times I was bad, I think he must have just put that one back and that's why I didn't get it!" Lane spent some time Christmas morning naming the American Girl twins and she came up with "Emma" and "Zach" and they even went to the mall with us in their stroller after Christmas! Here is a mass of pictures for our scrapbook! Christmas Morning

Look what Santa brought Lane!

Look what Santa brought Bo!

Lane and Ms. Lesile....I am sooo thankful for her!

Lane's kindergarten class

Daddy even dropped by the party!

Nothing like, a chocolate donut, a glazed donut, and donut holes for breakfast.....and a little fruit!

Angels in the church Christmas program

Dance Christmas routine

She doesn't make too stout of a bottom pyramid!

At Bo's school program

Bo's school program...he is on the top row on the left...I really should post the video of this one...he's a charachter! I think I got more waves than any other parent in the audience!

Lane in Ellie's church program....this one took about 2 months of long hard practicing...I was really proud of her!

End result of our Christmas cookies...the best yet, I have to say! And I attribute it to the store bought icing already in the squeeze tubes.

Granny's grandkids and great-grandkids

momma's brothers and sisters (with spouses)

Lane and new cousin, Sloane, with the American girl bathtub that Aunt Mary Jo gave her (she has always given the best gifts, wrapped in the prettiest paper).

Hat and coat that Ellie gave Lane

Batman house that Ellie and Boo gave Bo....he loves this thing!

Bo is a proud cousin of a baby boy...he's ready for him to be big enough to play!


That is one pretty girl in the middle of those twins!

Ellie gave the baby this blanket, burp cloth, bib, and diaper.....hmmm...think she wants to nail that name in stone????? It is so beautiful (thanks to some last minute work at the Freckled Frog!

Pops is getting Bo ready with a new goal....look at those ribs!

Uncle Dave gave Bo this transformer suit!

Lane and Gigi and her new camera....

These are pictures of the crazy kazoo game we played at Gigi's on Christmas Eve.....I was the director and everyone played their "horn' when I pointed to them (their 'crowns" had numbers on them)....pretty funny....considering I was directing a band composed of 4 year olds to 85 year olds!!

Lane and Daddy working with her pottery wheel!

Lil A and big A came to visit before Christmas!

The annual "Junk Food Supper" at Gigi's


3 "A's" and a "B" said...

great pics. I'll have to steal the ones of my girls off your blog!!!Looks like Christmas was a blast. I am so behind on doing that!

Georgia said...

WOW. Lots of pictures. Enjoyed looking at them.