Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bo's Backyard Baseball party!

I think this was one of the most fun parties any of my kids have had yet.....we set up a make-shift fence in the backyard and had a "scrimmage game."  Bo had been working for weeks on line-ups and positions- it turned out perfectly.  We had a concession stand that the girls ran with lemonade, chips,  and hot dogs.  After the game, we set up a homemade (tarp) waterside to cool them off!  We may do this again!


concession stand

the fans!

the umpire, "Uncle Chad"


sandlot crew

I can't believe you are 8...it seems like yesterday you were 8 months old and I thought you would never stop crying!
It's hard to put into words all of the things I love about you.  Somehow, God knew that life would be great (and interesting) to give me a son, with so many characteristics like me. you are so easy to love (most days, except when you are in a pouting mood...don't know where you got that).   
you are a little tenderhearted, you want to be "cool", you love to be with friends (especially sleepovers with Lincoln and Jonah), you like to play outside (baseball, basketball, football, ride scooters/bikes, run...), you LOVE the Braves (and the Tigers and the Grizzlies), you love pizza and hamburgers (and you can eat more than me), and you love to ask question about God, your creator and I love you hear you pray.  Last night you prayed "Dear God, Thank you for the beautiful weather outside today.  Thank you that I got to play with Jonah, and thank you that I got to play football with mom and dad (because usually they are working in the yard).  I'm glad we got to spend time together.  Thank you for this food and for our family." Amen.

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