Sunday, January 27, 2013

NaCoMe 2012

This is the first year that we have all 5 gone to camp Nacome (our church camp).  We have been hesitant since Kate came along, but we gave it a shot.  It was really great.  The kids just absolutely love NaCoMe- nothing like running "free" for 48 hours with limited supervision, catching crawdads, listening for the dinner bell, canoeing, changing clothes 5 x a day, sleeping on bunk beds in sleeping bags, staying up late....and for me it is fun watching them and hanging with our great church friends rocking on the porch or playing a game in the Dale building.  Can't wait for next year!
I love this picture (thanks to Melissa)

A terrible picture...but hey we are all 5 in there!

Her friend, "Maclin"

how sweet is this...hey actually played Barney's " l love you" by ear for her!

 making the boats for boat races.....


boat races

what a cute couple...beautiful inside and out

she had too much hot chocolate, too much coke....or not enough sleep but this was bout 10 at night and she was wound up acting crazy yes, she walked out of our cabin onto the porch with these panties on her head.  Anybody know where she comes from???

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Keelyn Sealy said...

I know that girl next to Lane in some of the! Lane is so sweet, she is such a great friend!:)