Sunday, January 13, 2013

St. Louis weekend

We took the kids to St. Louis this summer (well 2 of them- we decided they could use a little time without their attention seeking sister)!  St. Louis is full of things to do- Rob and I have gone a couple of times for a weekend but this was the first trip with the kids.  We enjoyed a Cards game (even though we are a Braves family -we are a sports family - so we can enjoy any game), the children's museum, the arch, the American Girl sore, and the zoo.  We stayed in a great hotel downtown (the Hyatt), but for posterity, I need to remember that we were originally booked at the Millenium (the "old" side) which I had found at a great deal - like $75/night.  Website looked great, and the hotel is really not that bad if you are on the "good side"- well, we weren't.  It took us about 2 minutes of going into the room with an old school box 19" tv, broken mirror, broken tile, smell like old feet room, until I got on hotwire, found a 4 star hotel for the same price, went and asked for a refund (which the manager graciously game me), and we rolled those suitcases right out!  I LOVE HOTWIRE and highly recommend it! 

I have never seen elephants play like this! They were going underwater and spraying each other- it was very picturesque!

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