Sunday, October 21, 2012

The one and only mohawk

I promised Bo if his team made it to the state tournament, he could get a "mohawk" of the latest Bo crazes around these days. Rob did not make the promise nor support it, but I went on my own with this one.  July 4th we were at Gigi and Pops house and his Uncle Hunter (who has cut many a mohawk for his college baseball teammates) offered to do it, so I thought, what a better memory than to let Hunter do it!  But as he got started, my stomach was turning and I thought I had made a mistake!!  Bo's fine little thin hair makes his scalp show through so much, I looked scalped at first!  When it was done, admittedly, it wasn't so bad.  He loved it! and thankfully, it was grown out enough to cut off by the time school started and his sweet head with likely never see a mohawk again as long as he is in my house! (knock on wood)

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