Thursday, April 15, 2010

8+ months and counting....

Man, this pregnancy has absolutely flown by....I don't know if it is because it is number 3 and I have 2 others keeping me busy or what!!! I went to the doctor today and I am a little more than 3 weeks from due date...dialated 1 cm...she basically said if I go into labor now, they won't stop it! So, I made it through without bed rest this time! Here are a few memories from the pregnancy....
A picture Rob took of me on Easter Sunday 8 months pregnant

The lovely progesterone shots I gave myself weekly since 21 weeks.....(with a little help from Emily!) I will have to say, I am kind of a tough nut when it comes to medical things...shots don't phase me, drawing blood doesn't bother me a bit.....but giving myself a shot in my leg....that was kind of tough! But I am also determined....and I was determined to prove to myself I could do it!

Here are a couple of my most frequent cravings (or I really think they are just the result of my weakness in will power during pregnancy)....chocolate donuts (I have found the best in Memphis are at Gibson's and Howards's....then there are always Naifeh's here in town).....and McDonald's ice cream cones. Bo previously had a really hard time eating an ice cream cone without it being disaster....but we have gone through McDonald's enough lately and ordered these that he is becoming a pro! Now, I have craved a few healthy things too....grilled things, milk, eggs.. but I don't think I have acted on those cravings as diligently!
For Kate's are a few other memories.....
we went to Disneyworld when I was about 12 weeks pregnant
I stopped running at 16 weeks because I started having contractions
We found out you were a girl at about 18 weeks and named you very quickly (We both love the name Kate (Memaw) and of my side of the family names, Ellen was Rob's favorite!)
Started progesterone shots at 21 weeks
Visited the new Methodist women's center at 28 weeks the day they opened at about 3 am for contractions, got a shot of terbuteline and came home!
Started throwing up a lot at night at about 32 weeks from what I assumed was indigestion, but doctor told me today is likely due to slow digestion
Took Lane and Bo on a mini vacation to Memphis at 36 weeks during spring break (post to follow)
In utero, you are a fairly calm baby....I just wonder if you will be the same when you are out of there! You move a just don't seem to be quite as intense in your movement as I remember the others (or maybe that was just your brother Bo, because he is still pretty rowdy!)


Kate said...

that's a great picture of you from Easter. Can't wait to meet baby Kate!

Christi said...

P was a May baby and it seemed to fly by, too. I think all those holidays in between help :) I'm excited for you guys and can't wait to see her!

Kirk and Emily said...

I can't imagine having 3! You will do fine because you are so laid back! I on the other hand would loose my mind! I will never forget you sitting in my bathroom trying to give that first shot! I couldn't watch but I needed to to make sure you did it right. Too Funny! I am very proud of you for being so determined! I still don't think I could do it. You are almost there and we can't wait to meet her!