Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Professional snowman builder!

Man, this surprise snow we got was the BEST for building a snowman....our 4 wheeler isn't running so great, so no sledding this time! However, Lane is now a professional snowman builder, so if you have any snow still lingering and need some yard decor, she can help! Bo and I went in after we threw up a quick little snowman (because he just equates snow with hot chocolate, so he will go outside for 2 minutes and say, "now can I have my hot chocolate!")....but Lane stayed out there by herself for an hour just rolling snowmen....I looked out the window and there were little miniature snowmen all over the yard! She is a task oriented girl! Then she opened the front door and hollered at me "I need a bowl to put the snow for the snow cream in!" On to task #2! Hope everyone has enjoyed their snow break...unfortunately, I have had to work most of it...oh well, I am off tomorrow and Monday. Have a good weekend.

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Georgia said...

She did really way. Great job Lane!!