Friday, November 6, 2009

Atoka Elementary Fall Carnival 2009

We had a big day at Atoka's 2nd annual fall carninval....well the kids had lots of fun and Rob and I did lots of work! Thanks to Gigi and Ellie who chased the kids all day at the carnival while we worked concession stand, parked cars, and whatever else there was to do! It was a beautiful day and the carnival was fabulous. The teachers and parents worked so hard to make it successful and it paid off!
I don't take the opportunity to do it much, and Rob doesn't really read our blog, so he probably won't even read this....but I want to brag a bit! I really think he is a special person. He has such a kind heart and does so much for kids that is not necessarily in his "job description". The hours he puts in to go above and beyond to make a difference in kids lives is very admirable and although his long hours and sometimes stressful job takes it's toll on him and us, I believe he is called to do what he does and I am very proud of him!

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