Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coming soon...baby cousin!

Our new baby cousin, Jackson, is planning to arrive on Thursday (my sister-in-law was due yesterday, bless her heart!) Momma is leaving in the morning headed to Chicago. Bo and Lane have talked about it all night.....Here are some funny Bo stories from the night.

Bo: "Dear God, I love Jesus. Baby Jackson is going to come out of Chele's tummy and I can't wait to see him. Amen"
Me: "Amen, Good night, Bo" then I turned to walk out of his room, and he said,
Bo: "Momma, do you think Jesus is proud of me cause he could hear me praying and I told him I love him."
Me: "Yes, baby, I know he heard you and he is proud of you."
Bo: "Cause you know Jesus is in our house"
Me: "Well, not exactly..."
Bo: "Yes, he is, Miss Sara said that he is in the house too"
Me: "Oh, well, yes, I guess he is..."
Bo:" And I think he is in the sky and in the middle of the road too"
Me : " I guess he really is all around us, isn't he"

He hit me like a ton of bricks with this conversation...I never think of it like Jesus is sitting in my house with me....but I guess he really is!

Rob then went upstairs to tell him good night (he got home late from a meeting) and Bo said, "Daddy, after 2 more naps (that is how he measiures time), baby Jackson will be coming out of Chele's tummy" Rob said, "I know, but you know Bo, you wont' be able to play with him for a while, he will be so little." Bo said ,"I know Daddy, you can't fight babies." (that is what he and Rob play a lot "fighting like ninja turtles or Ben 10"

He also made a picture for Jackson tonight (Lane made one for Reagan) and he is working on copying letters, so I wrote "JACKSON" for him to copy and then he said, "mamma, how can I write, 'I wish I could see you really really soon baby Jackson'....i got really sad, because I wish we could be there when he is born and that Lane and Bo could see them more often!

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Christi said...

Sometimes it's hard living away from siblings and getting to see their kids grow up with yours, but it just makes each moment together that much more cherished :) I really missed my family when we lived in Murfreesboro, but I think I probably talked to them more when we didn't get to see each other as often!