Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Pictures from a weekend trip to St. Louis.... (this post is just my last one added to for scrapbook purposes)
A sold out Cardinals game!

A Room with a View:

I know, 2 vacations in month is a little much, but trips are my hobby, I always tell Rob if I could be anything (career wise) I would be a travel agent! Rob and I are back at the Four Seasons in St. Louis....I am so frugal (tight!!) that I try to find the cheapest ways to do the best things (most of you who know me well can vouch for that!). I got a great deal on this awesome hotel, and have shopped Craigslist for cheap Cardinal's tickets, found which restaurants have early evening dinner specials (like 1/2 price!), etc..... Anyway, I don't think I have had a pedicure since we got married, it was soooo nice! We just ordered room service for lunch (one dinner to share, frugal (cheap!), and are headed to the pool. It is blazing hot here just like at home. I miss my babies, but just called to check on them, and I don't think they are missing us too bad; what's better than being spoiled by 4 grandparents all weekend! Life is good, so I will just enjoy today and try to remember that on Monday when I am back to the grind. I know many of my friends are on vaca this week or are about to head out...hope you have a great trip!

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