Monday, February 23, 2009

To play or not to play...

I have a couple of funny stories on the kids.....

I'll start with Bo. In the last month or so, Bo has become very observent of when his sister is in trouble or does something wrong, and he will say to me or Rob, "Lane's in trouble?" or "She's not being good...I'm being good, right, momma?.....I usually just turn to him and say every time "Bo, don't worry about Lane, just worry about Bo". Proof that the broken record works....the other day Lane was being cranky about not wanting to put her jacket on while she was sitting at the kitchen table waiting on the bus, so I just gave her a mean stare and laid the coat behind her. Bo looked at her, then looked at me, and said "Momma, I not gonna worry bout her, I not gonna worry bout Lane, I'm just gonna worry bout me!"

So, on to Lane. Rob and I have been going back and forth on making the decision to sign her up for softball this year. She has told us repeatedly that she doesn't want to play, but we really want her to try it and then make her decision. So, we have tried everything to talk her into it...I showed her pictures of when I played, we talked about other girls she knows that play, we told her how healthy it is (because she is into being healthy), far no luck! She asked me when we were outside playing ball (Bo playing ball) what she would do with her chair if she played (because her favorite part is to get her chair set up, get her drink in the cup holder and a snack, and sit and watch him with 2 or 3 stuffed animals in her lap! Finally, the other night, we were reading books before bed and Rob brought it up to her again, she starts whining saying she doesn't want to play, and he says "you know you get to be in the dugout for a lot of the game", so she starts asking about that, and we proceed to explain, that there will be a cooler of water and little cups or we will buy her her own gatorade to keep in there with a little cup, and that she will get to play with friends while she is in there....did the trick, she started squeeling in excitement....if we had only known to leave the ball and bat part out of the conversation earlier and just talk about playing and drinking in the dugout!

Also, the other day, I got her dressed for school in a dress with leggings and a long sleeve shirt under it. She told me she did not want to wear that dress, but I just ignored it! So, when I got home that afternoon, we were leaving to go somewhere and she just had on her leggings and long sleeve shirt, so I said Lane let's find your dress, so we can go, we looked and looked and could not find it....finally she said, "Oh, it's in may backpack." Needless to say, she took that stinkin dress of when she got to school and wore those leggings and that long sleeve shirt that was too short (looked like a belly shirt, but didn't matter when it was under the dress!) and the leggings that were too big in the waist and she could barely keep them up. When I told that story to my friend, Amy, she reminded me that that was the second time she had done something like that...I forgot about when she put on clothes under her clothes that I laid out for her, so that she could take the ones I picked out off when she got to school and have on what she wanted! (Luckily I caught that by the bulkiness of the clothes!)

Here are some pics of Bo playing ball and the spectator... (she did get up and hit once!)

Ball player or not, she's a pretty little thing!!

The spectator has her snack and is in the shade!

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nicole said...

That is too funny! I love the spectator story. Hmm...seems like I remember changing clothes a few times after I had left the house cause of what my mom insisted on me wearing. The difference is I was in the 5th or 6th grade wearing "Chocolate Soup" outfits while my friends got to wear blue jeans and "cool" shirts! I am expecting BIG payback with MC!:-)