Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Pictures from the weekend...

Lane getting her workout in her robe!
Bo only fell off about 3 times...because like most men, he could only do one thing at a time..if he looked up for a picture he lost his concentration and fell off...if he talked, he fell off, if he looked up at the tv, he would stop walking and fall off!

I had to take a picture of these "Tarzan pajamas" case you are in the market for a pair, I know the lady who makes them, she is related to me and is married to a man named Carl! Rob and I can't help but laugh (behind his back) at these when he puts them is walmart jogging pants and a turtleneck with an image of Tarzan sewed on the shirt....I don't know how he doesn't sweat profusely in them....anyway, when trying to find some tarzan things at Christmas, I came across some iron-ons on Ebay, so I ordered a couple....well mom was going to use one of the images on a pair of pajamas, but she could not find any solid color pj's, hence the jogging pants and turtleneck...then when she went to iron the image on, she did it backwards and ironed it on the pink pillowcase she was using over the top of the iron he got a hot suit with a pink tarzan on first he kind of looked at it a little funny, but now, he loves them! Thanks Ellie for a memory!

Fireside after bathtime...glad they pretend to be modest for the camera..anyone who knows Bo, knows he will streak with the best of 'em!

The guys fit right in!!


Kirk and Emily said...

I like Bo's tarzan PJ's better than his usual outfit (nothing).

Kendra said...


nicole said...

Cute pictures! I need to get Jonah one of those "winter" Tarzan suits so he won't be runnin' around in his undies in the cold! :-)