Saturday, October 31, 2015


Kate snuggled up to me this morning and said:
K: "I love you soooo much!"
Me: "why do you love me?"
K" "Because you are a girl and are snuggly"
Me: "well then why do you love daddy, he's not a girl.?"
K: "Because he works at my school,"
Me: "why do you love drew, he's not a girl?"
K: Because he is sooo cute
Me: Why do you love uncle Jason:
K: "Because he is so silly"
Me: What about uncle Hunter?
K: He is so silly too
Me: What about Boo?
K: Because he makes brownies
Me: Why do you love bo?
K: Well........actually, because I like it when he fights and wrestles with me sometimes
LANE: why do you love me?
K: Because you help me take a shower.

Loved these honest, heartfelt, non sugar coated answers!

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