Monday, January 9, 2012

Squirrel Season

 I would be remiss if I didn't post a few pics from Rob's squirrel season (there may be some more to come since I think there are still about 6 weeks left in the season).  It is a big part of his life and now....even more of a family event:) I was able to go with the boys a couple of weeks ago (Lane was shopping with Gigi).  We got 7 that day...not too bad, but not as good as Rob has been doing. He said he killed 95 over his Christmas break from school.  He hunts with "BB", his "finished" dog, and "Tarzan" (BB's son) a 2 year old dog his is "training".  This was a hunt with "Tarzan", who is Bo's dog.  

We first tried Rob taking the pic of Bo and I....clearly his dog doesn't listen to me like he does Rob. I ended up on the ground, eventually rolling in laughter.  It doensn't help that I was trying to hold the dog still with the 7 dead squirrels in front of him...a little antsy!!

Sweet Lane has been begging to go...she got her chance yesterday!  Rob and his brother took Lane and Bo and even took out the new puppy "Tank" (another BB pup).  She was so proud and had a great time....says she's going back.  I really  thought it would be a one time event.

I have to admit that I used to be somewhat resentful of Rob's "hobby"...but over the years, I have grown appreciate it use my time wisely (whether with the kids or getting some things done in the house) when he is away but I am always glad when he is home!  I do wish squirrel season wasn't so long (for you deer and duck hunter's wives...squirrel season is much longer!)

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