Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scrapbook catch up...

I cleaned all the pictures off of my phone the other day and loaded them into my computer...ran across some that I wanted to keep for the blog scrapbook.  They are terrible quality since they were taken on my phone, but guess what??   I just bought what I believe is the best "toy" I have ever bought for myself...a Canon rebel dslr camera...I got it used on eBay for just over $200 and you would think I had bought a $1000 camera...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  It's been a long time dream of I hope to share many more improved quality pictures with you soon.  I got it just in time for our beach trip!  

muffins for mom program

Bo D and Bo D hangin out!  

A visit with Aunt Louise and her new dog..Venus #3.

field day 2011

Bo's preschool graduation at MPNS

This was last fall, when Bo was getting into squirrel hunting...the picture below are the "bloody squirrels" he drew/colored and placed around the house as if he were shooting them....Men..?

This was an outdoor concert at the Levitt Shell in Memphis that we went to with Baker and relaxing...beautiful weather, friends, and southern jazz. 

Bo's "Blue Bombers" baseball team..summer 2010

1st grade awards day

Bo's "summer birthday" celebration at school

Just a picture of the house I took with the new camera! 

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