Friday, December 3, 2010

Old fashioned or Gen X?

The real question is go to the store or cyber shop??  I have done at least 75% of my shopping online this year.  I was thoroughly dissappointed on Black Friday because I went to Walmart at midnight, got a few deals and came home..I really didn't have that much to do because I have so diligently searched for the best deals online.  But wait, are they really good deasl (I tell myself they are), but I have found that I search for online coupons and usually I need to spend just $20 more to get free shipping or spend $100 and get a $30 gift card, which causes more purchases...and so on.  I also have definitely spent more hours that I care to count in front of this computer hitting refresh on ebay to get the latest deals (on some used big ticket electronic items - (like nintendo DSI and ipod touch:).  I even bought Rob and I a new macbook on ebay at last night (and I will say it was definitely a bargain)....but I don't know, I have kind of missed saying "I need to go to Memphis Saturday and I dread that traffic."  Just wondering what you have done this or cyber???

On a side note, as I  am typing this, here is the conversation going on behind me in the living room:
Bo: "Lane is that Justin Beaver" (on tv)
Lane: "Yes, but it's Justin Bieber, with a "B" Bo."
Bo: "Oh, do girls like him?"
Bo: "All girls?"
Lane: "Yes, some like him a lot and some just like him."
Just thought that was funny!

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nicole said...

Funny conversation! And as for the shopping question, I have done most of my shopping online so far, too. When I think about the cost of gas and a babysitter for my kids, plus trying to find the time to even go to Memphis, I can easily justify the online purchases I have made. Even if someone else tells me I could have gotten it a little less another way. It's done and that's one more thing "checked off" my list. :-) Happy cyber shopping!