Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st annual Golf Cart parade

Chad had his first (what we hope will be annual) golf cart parade at the Links. He always looks forward to riding in the Covington Christmas parade and usually starts talking about it in July! Momma decided to try something new for him.....There were 15 golf carts lined up at mom and dad's to start the parade...most of which were decorated in lights, trees, snowmen.....we paraded around the links and there were many standing out in their yards or peeking out there windows to watch..... and then had hot chocolate and cookies for the participants inside. Chad was one proud fella! Uncle Dolph said "only Chad could bring out this many folks on a night as cold as this to ride golf carts!" (there aren't many outside pics because I didn't have my camera with me outside)

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nicole said...

Next year we will be there! Hopefully, with a decorated golf cart. We think we might add that to our Santa wish list! Looks like it was lots of fun even if it was COLD!