Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Sweet Bo

Well, Bo "lost" his "cars blankie" this week. He spent the night with Ellie and Boo on Monday, and we "just haven't been able to find it" since. He has also had a spiderman bandaid on his left thumb since Tuesday. To interpret, we have taken away the blanket to stop the thumb sucking. The little callouses on his thumb helped me to decide it was time. It has absolutely broken my heart, but I keep telling myself it's because I love him! I had to take Lane's pacifier away, but it was much less painless, becuase we could just say we lost it.....but to tape his thumb and watch him try to put it in his mouth, well, it is just brutal! I really did not want to take the blanket away, but he just couldn't separate the two. I never want to forget getting him out of his bed holding that blanket, laying his head on my shoulder, and sticking that thumb straight in his mouth......

Here is a cute story on him:

We were on the way home, pulling up our driveway, a couple of weeks ago, it was night time, and Bo looked out the window and said "I see Jesus!"

Of course, Lane comes back with, " You don't see Jesus, he lives in heaven with God!"

Bo thought silently for a minute, then said, "Does Jesus take a bath with God up there?"

To further explain, he had taking a bath on his mind, because we had been at Walmart and got a new bathtub toy, and he kept talking about wanting to take a bath when we got home)

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